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    Over Temperature Protection

    Over Voltage Protection

    Thermal Fuse& MOV(TFMOV) Metal Oxide Varistors(MOV) SPD Modules Surge Protection Device

    Over Current Protection

    Controlled Fuse link

    New Products

    Thermal Fuse& MOV(TFMOV)
    Thermal Fuse& MOV(TFMOV)
    Thermal fuse & MOV (TFMOV), is a new patented design, fail safe varistor, which integrates a thermal fuse and a varistor in a single package, with UL1449 3rd certificate. Wave solderable. Applications: power supply, surge protector and power strip.
    Metal Oxide Varistors(MOV)
    Metal Oxide Varistors(MOV)
    Size: Φ7-Φ20mm. Low leakage current. Operating temperature range: -40℃-+85℃. Maximum operating temperature: -40℃-+125℃. Excellent clamping voltage ratio. Application: power supply, home electrical appliance, industrial device, surge protector and telecommunication system.
    SPD Modules
    SPD Modules
    Patented product, Minaturized size, Horizontal mounted, Differential and common mode protections, Indications for MOV failure with optional remote signal. Application: UPS, telecom power supply and AC power.
    Surge Protection Device
    Surge Protection Device
    SET's SPD(Surge Protection Device)Integrates Over Temp. Protection, Over Voltage Protection and Remote Signal Indication functions. It is mainly applicable for low voltage single phase AC or DC power system. With UL and CE certificated.